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Take a Tour of 12 Naples Italian Wines & Dishes in Naples, Florida

Besides making you feel as though you’re part of our family when you come to dine with us at Rosedale Brick Oven, one of the things that we love to do most is to get you to try new wines….and it’s not just a “sales thing” either. You see, we are food connoisseurs (most notably of the Italian variety) and we love to experiment with different combinations.

By being adventurous at the dinner table, we have opened up our minds (and mouths) to completely new experiences on a consistent basis and we really want the same for you. It’s a great feeling in your mouth when your taste buds start dancing around isn’t it?

For example, have you ever eaten at a restaurant and tried their version of Lasagna that was made with a special blend of ingredients that you’ve never tried before? Just after the first bite when the aroma has had a chance to mix with your olfactories and your taste buds sample the mixture, your brain receives the message: “Holy Cow! This tastes awesome! I’m in heaven!”

Now most of us have tried lasagna…you know, it’s got the wide strips of pasta, the tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, etc. But this particular dish seems to use different combinations of tomatoes and other ingredients that just make you MELT!

That’s the point we’re getting at. Enjoying food is all about the combinations that you put together. Adding wine to the mix makes certain foods taste even better. We don’t necessarily subscribe to the age old rule that pairs red wines with red meat and white wines with seafood. Sometimes that works out but it’s really about the particular wine coupled with a particular dish.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been sharing with you some fantastic wines that we serve at Rosedale Brick Oven that we think are worth your consideration. We’ve even paired them with a couple of our dishes because we hope that they’ll make your taste buds dance like they do for us. You can get all of this information just by downloading the free eBook above or just read below. Either way, we truly hope that you find some value in the combinations that we’ve prepared for you.

  1. The Rosedale Italian Restaurant Favorite Wine – Mezzacorona
  2. The Italian Restaurant Castle Wine – Chianti by Quercetto
  3. Beautiful Brick Oven Pizzas to go with those Beautiful Bottles – Kris of Italia
  4. Happy Pairings – The Beauty of the Blend in Rosso and A Naples, FL Pizza
  5. The Super Tuscan is a Super Wine For a Super Restaurant in Naples, FL
  6. Falling Snow and Vibrant Wine at a Naples Italian Restaurant
  7. Regaleali of Italia, Sicilia – A Favorite of Italian Restaurants in Naples, FL
  8. Sangiovese Di Majo Norante of Italia at Rosedale Brick Oven
  9. The Intoxicating Sauvignon Blanc by Tolloy of Italia at a Brick Oven
  10. A Classic Chardonnay from Corte Giara at an Italian Restaurant
  11. Time to Sparkle Prosecco Brut Conegliano at Rosedale Brick Oven!
  12. Taste the Tears of Christ (Lacryma Christi Wine)

Rosedale Wine Tasting Note CardBy trying some of these combinations, we think that you’ll be re-invigorated to try new foods, new wines, new combinations and truly discover the joy of eating! Be sure to pick up these wine tasting note cards too. –>

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